2. thechoicesthops:

    Fantastic UI: Scorekeeper, app for Playbook and iOS (via Emil Olsson)

  3. Twitter Classic™

  4. Gregor Smith (by factoryjoe)

  5. Touch anywhere on the screen, and a bump forms in the road. You then use this bump to push the car around, like a wave pushes a surfer. That’s it, that’s the game. You use one finger to do one thing. But what makes Bumpy Road special is how great that one thing feels.
    (via Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2011 « The Bygone Bureau)
  6. (via Dribbble - My Secret for Color Schemes by Erica Schoonmaker)

    Secret to cohesive color schemes: pick a bunch of colors you want to do (purple, blue, etc like you did here), then pick an overall color (let’s say orange, for playfulness) that you want to tint everything towards…

  7. joshuanguyen:

    Love this.

  9. Touchscreen interfaces for kitchen appliances by Ethan Bodnar as a student project at Hartford Art School.